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What People Are Saying

My stuff was BROKE as a JOKE! Chris Kuhn swooped in and like a heavenly angel and made it all good again. Give your stuff to him to fix.

John Jeffries

Kuhn Computer Solutions does excellent work! He finds solutions when the average techie would throw up their hands & say, “Just deal with this 40% solution instead of 100%.” His prices are more than fair and he brings a positive attitude to everything he does. You can’t go wrong with Kuhn Computer Solutions!

Sandra Kurt

To all who are clinging to that little bit of hope that your computer isn’t a lost cause and are searching for a way to fix it rather than buy a new one, I would highly recommend Kuhn Computer Solutions!

I had a Dell laptop I had bought in 2007 and by around 2010 it was performing so bad and unable to keep any kind of a charge that I was about to throw it against a wall, I hated it. Luckily, Chris had attended one my family functions and over heard me talking about my hatred for my laptop and he offered his services to me. After a couple days he made my laptop WORK like it was brand new! I was completely in shock! 

Thank you Chris Kuhn you are AWESOME!!!!!

Stephanie Cross

Apple, PC’s, TV’s, oh my!  Kuhn is great and is accessible year round, 7 days as week with all my electronic needs. I highly recommend.

Claudia Berk

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